Sunday, April 25, 2010

Education is Politics by Ira Shor

1. "A school year that begins by questioning school could be a remarkably democratic and critical learning experience for students."

This quote struck me as a great thing to do as a teacher. This would set up trust with students and have them understand why they are in school. I do not remember any of my teachers asking us why are we in school. If my teacher asked us to brianstorm why we were in school I think it would make things better for all of the students to focus from day one.

2. "Education can either develop or stifle their inclination to ask why and to learn."

When I read this statement I did not think too much into it. But I think I did this because education developed my inclination to learn and I took it for granted. So as I read the sentence again I thought like a kid who did not like to learn and what education did mentally to them. Since kids start education so early in life they grow to either hate or love school. This does not vary through out their lives. I do not know the statistics but my assumption is that kids who do not like school at the beginning will not like school when they age as well. Education is important but kids can be shut off by learning and it is hard to turn them around.

3. "Eucation is more than facts and skills. It is a socializing experience that helps make the people who make society."

I related this quote to the article that Delpit wrote. It is kind of like her teaching the rules and codes of power to develop the people of the future. Yes, students learn facts and knowledge but there is a whole other side to school that involves relationships and socialization. I like the fact that Shor recognizes this and tells her audience. Teachers often tell students that you are not here to socialize but to learn. I never did like those teachers because it was impossible for kids not to socialize.

I did not like this piece by Shor because I just could not get through the whole article. It just seemed so wordy and as I read I had to go back and say what in the world did I just read. I found this piece to be the most difficult to understand. I got her point somewhat but I know I will have to read more blogs in order to get the point. But what I did get out of the article was that education molds a person. If a student is turned off my learning then they will be the troubled students and not want to learn. These are the kids who become labeled as problemed and never see success in school.


  1. I had the same problem with focusing on this article and also had to reread parts of the text.

  2. In your 3rd quote, I agree that it is almost impossible not to socialize in school. For the most part everyone has a friend in atleast every class, and its hard to go through a whole class just listening to the teacher.

  3. I found it was really difficult to get through this article too, it was ridiculously long. But I love your first quote. I used that one too, it made me think that would have been such a cool way to have started school growing up.

  4. I liked your last point. I had one teacher in high school that had part of the class a real life part where we would make connections to the real world with what we were learning, and it usually stemmed off into a lot of other life lessons.